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Welcome to Unity Salt

a distinguished brand belonging to Unity LSS. We specialize in the manufacturing and export of authentic Himalayan pink salt products sourced from Pakistan. With our headquarters in Dubai and offices in Pakistan, UAE, Germany, and the USA, we have established ourselves as a global leader in the Himalayan salt industry.

Authentic Sourcing:
Directly sourced from pristine Himalayan mines, ensuring natural origin and mineral-rich purity.

Premium Quality:
Unparalleled quality and taste, free from additives, chemicals, and pollutants, delivering a truly premium salt experience.

Exceptional Customer Services:
Personalized guidance, prompt shipping, and hassle-free returns for an exceptional customer experience.

Hand Mined:
Meticulously hand-mined, preserving the integrity of the salt and supporting traditional practices.

Global Reach:
Serving customers worldwide, spreading the goodness of Himalayan salt across the globe.

Private Labeling:
Custom branding and packaging options for businesses looking to offer exclusive Himalayan salt products.

Join us on this extraordinary salt journey where authenticity, quality, affordability, and a commitment to our workforce converge.

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

Rich in essential minerals, Himalayan Pink salt promotes balanced electrolytes, aids hydration, supports respiratory health, and enhances skin and muscle relaxation, offering a holistic approach to well-being


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