Mineral Rich Lick Salt


Introducing our remarkable Animal Lick Salt – a mineral-rich, all-natural supplement designed to support the health and vitality of your animals.

Animals, just like humans, require a balanced intake of essential minerals to thrive. Our Animal Lick Salt is a testament to our commitment to their well-being. Mined from the pristine depths of the Himalayan mountains, this mineral-rich salt is packed with a diverse array of trace minerals and elements that are vital for maintaining proper bodily functions. These natural minerals play a pivotal role in promoting strong bones, aiding digestion, and enhancing overall vitality in animals of all sizes.

What sets Unity Salt’s Animal Lick Salt apart is its unadulterated purity. Sourced from ancient salt deposits, this pink-hued treasure is devoid of artificial additives and pollutants, ensuring that your animals receive only the best nature has to offer. Whether you’re tending to livestock, pampering pets, or nurturing wildlife, our Animal Lick Salt provides an effortless way to supplement your animals’ diet with the minerals they need for optimal health.

At Unity Salt, we understand the bond between animals and their caretakers. By incorporating our Animal Lick Salt into their routine, you’re investing in their longevity and happiness. Join us in fostering strong, vibrant animals through the power of nature’s finest Himalayan Pink Salt. Discover the Unity Salt difference today.


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